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Aaliyah Francis

Use of the internet /general safeguarding
Report date: 21/06/2018


Staff spoke to Aaliyah about a safety plan, staff explained what is was and why they were completing a safety plan. Staff informed Aaliyah that it is felt that she is not making good choices when it comes to meeting new people, Aaliyah has shared with staff on a few occasions that she was going off site to meet a new male friend she had met through social media. Although Aaliyah is advised on not going to people’s homes the first time she meets them, Aaliyah has shared that she has in the past gone to watch films at new friends homes who she doesn’t know very well.


Being safe on social media

Staff asked Aaliyah how she ensures she is safe while on social media?

Aaliyah said she doesn’t give out her address or her location to people on social media. Aaliyah stated she doesn’t send any inappropriate pictures to people especially if she doesn’t consider them to be boyfriend material.   

Staff asked Aaliyah why is it important for her not to share pictures online.

Aaliyah said that her picture could get passed around and she is aware of the dangers.

Staff advised Aaliyah to never send any form of pictures to anyone she doesn’t know, as they could bring her unwanted attention and may put her in danger.

Aaliyah was advised not to share her number and address with people on social media, she was reminded that everything stays on the internet and cannot be deleted fully, to be aware that people lie about who they are and their real age, she needed to be very cautious when speaking to people and to block anyone who makes her feel uncomfortable. Aaliyah was advised to make her social media accounts private to ensure her safety online.


Meeting new people when out in the community.

Aaliyah was asked how she would ensure she is safe when meeting new people.

Aaliyah said when she goes to meet new people she will meet them in a public place and will make sure her phone is charged and on her person. Aaliyah was advised that meeting people in public places with plenty of light and other people around was the safest thing to do.

Aaliyah was advised that she could also share her plans with her mum, staff or friends so that someone knows where she is and who with. Aaliyah stated that she had informed her mum in the past but her mum embarrassed her by calling all her friends. Staff spoke with Aaliyah about this and it was agreed that due to her not being honest to her mum in the past about where she was or who she was going to see, there would be consequences of her actions.


Aaliyah was asked what would she do if she needed help but was in an area she was not familiar with.

Aaliyah said she would approach a person on the street and ask for help.

Staff advised her not to do that as she could put herself in a dangerous position. Aaliyah was advised to go to the nearest supermarket like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and talk to staff member. Aaliyah was advised to go into a MC Donald’s or any fast food restaurant and ask for help. Aaliyah was informed to go to the nearest police station, petrol station, bus drivers and ask for help.


Aaliyah was advised to call 101 if she feels unsafe at any point when out in the community, and was given the number for a reverse call – 0800738377.

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