A warm home is the corner stone of self-development
                                                                  Tiffany Haddish



Soaring Heights is a care service dedicated to the positive interests of young people. We do believe every child matters and we aim to go beyond offering a warm home but complete all round guidance and support in view of creating a more fruitful and prosperous life for young people in our care. Soaring Heights is a member of The Social Circle group - a cluster of care service providers who share the same dedication to the development of new and effective initiatives to offer our young ones high standards of care and progressive self development 

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Trip to Southend Funland
Staff & YP leisure key work
Tuesday study group
Family life
Advocacy & mentoring
Training & careers
Personal development
In house learning & training
Rehabilitation support
Career guidance
Our young people have a mentor for life - someone to talk to years after leaving our care

Thank you for your continued co-operation, in strengthening our collaborative partnership.

Niranjana Tailor | Children’s Placements & Quality Officer

London Borough of Havering 

My time at Soaring Heights is so different from what i imagined  going into care. I actually gained a life advantage with the shelter and  life building support  i received. The future's bright!

Unit resident JT

Who would of thought that being in care is actual a life time advantage to a young persons career prospects. What you guys are doing with your residents is great. Keep it up

Darren Faye -Global Care Network