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Tyler st Luce                                            

7th December 2017. MW LAC Review

Social Worker – Yaw Kumi
Unit key worker - Tracey Daley





Tyler was not present for his LAC Review but his IRO spoke to him on the phone and had a brief catch up asking him of his progress and how he believes he is doing. It was explained that the LAC Review would still take place without him being present and that the IRO would catch up with him on a different date.


Progress in Placement

  • TSL’s previous Social Worker didn’t hand over/inform him that she would no longer be working with him. IRO to follow this up.

  • During the Summer TSL would not stick to his curfew times. He would have some good days and return on time and then on other occasions not stick to his curfew. His current curfew is 11pm but staff informed the IRO that there have been occasions where he leaves at 10:45pm saying he is going to the shop and then will not return until 3am.

  • Following a conversation with Metropolitan Police, TSL is to be reported as absent as opposed to missing.

  • TSL has informed placement staff that he often feels lonely as there are no young people in placement where English is their mother tongue therefore he finds it difficult to communicate with the Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children.


Practical Skills

  1. TSL struggles to budget and manage his finances.

  2. TSL needs an apprenticeship but appears to be work focused due to financial purposes at present. At present he is paying for his own travel on an adult oyster and would benefit from starting at apprenticeship where he can get a child’s oyster.

  3. TSL has been seen to cook in the kitchen but he will prepare a meal from scratch when assisted by staff.

  4. TSL had a successful job interview at a local McDonalds and has been given the uniform but not given a date to start as of yet. Georgina will follow this up. TSL informed staff that he has a job starting the week commencing 11th December 2017. TSL does well to get jobs but seems to have issues in maintaining one. It has been noted that his DBS is a problem due to his offences.


During the meeting it was discussed around Yaw applying for a DBS for TSL so he can see what is recorded on there and also see what his employers see should he apply for a job which requires a disclosure and Barring Service check.


Long term plan

  • TSL would like a flat in the Romford area when he turns 18. He has informed staff that whilst he likes liveliness, he wants peace at home and does not feel he will get this in the Waltham Forest area.

  • Yaw to complete a Housing Report for TSL to be placed in Havering but the IRO informed him it will be difficult as TSL is registered in Waltham Forest. TSL is currently spending a lot of time in Waltham Forest therefore he would benefit from being housed outside of the area.


TSL has an upcoming appointment 13th December 2017 where he is required to present to the police in Telford. Yaw is unable to make it therefore the Deputy Manager from placement will accompany TSL and Yaw will fund the travel warrants. Placement staff are to encourage TSL to have a solicitor.


  • Yaw to liaise with Krishna TSL’s allocated YOS worker to find out if they are going to breach TSL for not complying with visits. TSL to complete restorative justice – a high risk panel will be held the week commencing 11th December 2017.



  1. TSL has disclosed having pain in his genital area. He has been advised to go to the GP but he is not following through with this. TSL must go to the GP in order to be referred for the operation which will rectify any pain he has. Placement staff to schedule a GP appointment for TSL.

  2. TSL missed his LAC health assessment – this must be rescheduled.

  3. TSL is not currently having therapy. Yaw is to make contact with Krishna to discuss whether TSL requires therapy as he has low self-esteem at present and is avoiding any responsibility.


Family Contact

TSL’s mother is in regular contact with the placement. The IRO mentioned that mum has high expectations of TSL and would like him to focus more on an admin apprenticeship/position. TSL is in contact with his mother around twice a month – he often gets frustrated with her.


Savings from previous unit

Yaw informed those present that he has contacted the previous placement and is awaiting an answer. He is to chase this up if the unit do not get back in contact with him.



  1. Staff are to support TSL to get an apprenticeship which will grant him the opportunity to get a 16+ oyster card.

  2. Staff to schedule TSL an appointment at the GP in order for the GP to refer him to the hospital to have an operation. Staff must also enquire as to whether TSL’s new GP have his medical notes in order to proceed.

  3. Yaw to liaise with Waltham Forest housing regarding a potential move to Havering.

  4. Yaw to fund the travel warrants for staff to accompany TSL to Telford.

  5. Yaw to liaise with Krishna from Waltham Forest YOT.

  6. Staff to schedule an appointment for TSL at the Dentist for a check-up.

  7. Yaw to chase up the savings TSL is entitled to from his previous placement.


Next LAC Review – Monday 26th February 2018 at 6pm.
Completed by – Shelby Gordon (Social Work Student)

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