Soaring Heights is primarily a semi-independent care provider  

Soaring Heights primarily offers semi-independent care for 16 - 18 year old children. As a member of the Social circle we are noted specialists in the high standards of care we deliver. This includes a very detailed reporting style that evidences target progression in various areas of self development. This is delivered with a view to making our young people fully independent to take care of themselves with better prospects for life in a determined career. We are known to cater to young people with complex needs - both male and female. We operate and deliver a SMART approach to the service with individual plans to fit with the specific needs of individual young people in out care. Our care service is deeply integrated into learning and training - keeping our young people busy with a defined career direction. Our stake holder relationships are cohesive, competent and detailed. Information advice and guidance offered by designated staff is an ongoing process even when residents leave the homes as fully independent young people. 

One of our Romford units

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Other services

Age assessment

At present we are running 3 units in the Essex area 

with firm arrangements to acquire more units beyond the Essex and East London areas of
London. We have arrangements with reputable estate agents who can arrange property availability at short notice.

Dorking Rise  -Romford
The Willows - Romford
Mashiters  -Romford
Bruce castle - Tottenham


We provide :

Offender behaviour programmes - accommodation and mentoring for young people remanded to LA care.

16+ accommodation and move on flats

Unaccompanied asylum seekers

Mother and baby

Floating support (post 18 provision)

Edge of care

Floating support

All our homes are set up with high habitable standards. This includes comfortable furnishing safe electrical appliances and modern conveniences. to make our users as comfortable as possible. The rooms are spacious and airy. Each unit has a staff office strategically located within the unit to make access to staff much more efficient. We follow and exceed strict guidelines on health and safety expectations in the set up and maintenance of all our homes. 


Advocacy & mentoring

services to other care homes

At Soaring Heights we are able to offer a self development plan to young people with complex behaviour and emotional issues. We work with them to help minimise the negative effects of the past, offering stability and balance. Our advocacy and mentoring aspect of care works closely with external providers and various stake holders offering detailed reports of target progress for each individual under our care. We are able to define a plan of action over time which is objectives led and will not hesitate to use all the resources and expertise at our disposal to help our youngsters develop into assets of society with a greater grasp of self - worth and a positive mindset. Our trained staff offer themselves as mentors for life. (MFL). Positive role models that remain in the lives of our young people. We work extensively with YOS, CAMHS, and other related organisations. We regularly review our partner policies and procedures to improve the strengths of our services through our continuous improvement policies working with stakeholders to offer the best solutions to supporting our young people.

Our weekly key work sessions are tailored to the individual with a clear and open line of communication between staff and our young people. We run an open doors policy where our clients are encouraged to open up and express their feelings. 

Child and Family Assessments

This service can reduce the burden placed upon Local Authorities to complete in-depth assessments that capture a young person’s background, circumstances and needs whilst identifying the relevant risk factors that are present. The child and Family Assessments can be reviewed regularly to measure changes that may have occurred and also include a plan of how the identified risks can be managed or reduced. More...

Pathway plans

Our pathway plans identify support and services required for young people who are moving on to leaving care services. We see pathway plans as crucial as they capture a young person’s plans for the future, with a clear focus on their goals and ambitions.


Age assessments /PAMS

Our in-house Social Worker is able to assist Local Authorities and other relevant bodies by undertaking and contributing to existing age assessments having completed the necessary training and working extensively with UASC. Our expertise also allows us to observe the young people placed with us and provide reports that can be used within the court arena.

Outsourced care provision

Recruitment of skilled staff
Service consulting
Report /compliance management
Staff training
Outsourced IAG service



Aside from exchanging best practice and joint efforts accessing care resources, we also offer a number of services to other care homes in the form of start up consultation, pre - inspection  preparations and compliance management. We are also able to offer background checks and chronology statements for safe staff recruitment.

Collectively, we can help reduce the costs of running a care home by negotiating significant discounts by way of group buying. This form of non - disruptive cost cutting exercise can be applied to house insurance, employee insurance and other types of fixed costs.

Staff training and development:
We have partnered with a number of training providers to deliver training and qualifications  in care related vocational courses as well as general practice in care management. We are able to sign up care staff in joint classes or study sessions.

Tutoring / training services:
We outsource our tutor and career mentor service to other providers, they are skilled and experienced enough to help provide a value added provision. This in turn adds credit to the bidding process of prospective providers of care. Outsourcing such a service to us can also help to reduce the costs of setting up such a provision independently. 

Learning & career guidance

Education or training towards a career while in our care is of great importance to the development plan we offer. We find in most cases a troubled or offending past is synonymous with youths who have no picture of what the future has in stock for them. There is a lack of motivation to train, educate or learn a skill which brings about disruptive or rebellious behaviour in a learning environment.

At Soaring heights we introduce a robust system that identifies affinity, hidden talents and inherent skills and work out the most viable options to access learning towards a set of career goals. Our staff involved in this aspect of our care are experienced and skilled with the know-how in setting and striving towards agreed goals.


The IAG Manager at Soaring Heights offers a basic and intermediary computer learning course similar to ECDL and works in close contact with external educational provisions to offer our clients complete access to a career led form of training and education.


The IAG officer is also experienced in employer engagement supporting or mentoring our clients into progressive employment with a 2 and 5 year plan. PEPs are created with the full involvement of Soaring Heights and various arms of social care. 



Every child matters