Care /support plan
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Date of creation
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Gideon Komolafe
Placement date

Client name and placement date should be automatic feeds from the profile creator that was published by user. User cannot create any other report till client profile page is published

Self - care / personal hygiene
Score out of 10 at start of placement
Target score for next 3 months
Maximum 160 words
Staff guide: Please describe the current status of this area of developmentand steps planned to achieve better outcomes
I have changed some of the words again as the ones i asked you to add just didnt sound right , till now, use these words below as the 
Staff guide.
I have asked a number of times. Please design exactly how you see the staff guide.
Place them in the form box and add dividing dotted line. Nothing else please.
Do this with the rest of the content for the report.

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